MasterMinder Monitored Emergency Lighting

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MasterMinder Monitored Emergency Lighting
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Recent Monitored systems include

  • No 1 The Terrace,
  • No 3 The Terrace,
  • Aorangi House Beca Wellington,
  • AMP 21 Queen Street Auckland,
  • Auckland Hospital (12,000+ Fittings),
  • ASB C-Drive Building Albany,
  • ASB Tower Wellington,
  • Bendon Distribution Centre Auckland,
  • Bowen House Wellington,
  • Braema Hospital Hamilton,
  • Canpac,
  • Central Park Flats Wellington,
  • CHH Whakatane Board Mill,
  • Christchurch College of Education,
  • Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology,
  • Chews Lane Apartments Wellington,
  • CPIT Technology Block,
  • Cullinane College Wanganui,
  • D4 Custom House,
  • Fosters Building Wanganui,
  • Freyberg Building Wellington,
  • Garin College Nelson,
  • Gisborne District Court House,
  • Hamilton Airport,
  • Henderson Sound Stage Auckland,
  • Holy Trinity Church Tauranga,
  • IBM Wellington,
  • Ighams Chickens Waikato,
  • IRD Christchurch,
  • IRD Whangarei,
  • Lampton Tower Wellington,
  • Law Society Building Wellington,
  • Levin Hospital,
  • Lindisfarne College,
  • Lower Hutt Court House,
  • Massey University Blair Tenant Building,
  • Massey University Campus Wellington,
  • Massey University Colombo Building,
  • Massey Hokowhitu English Language,
  • Massey Hokowhitu Campus,
  • Massey University Manuka Hostel,
  • Massey University Maps Building,
  • Massey University Museum Building,
  • Massey University McHardy Building,
  • Massey University Recreational Centre,
  • Massey University Riddet Building,
  • Massey University Science Tower A,
  • Massey University Science Tower B,
  • Massey University Science Tower C,
  • Massey University Services Tunnel,
  • Massey University S/Science Tower,
  • Massey University Campus Wgtn,
  • Massey University Vet Tower,
  • National Library Wellington,
  • National Archives Building Wellington,
  • New Plymouth Club,
  • New Plymouth Girls High School,
  • New Freyberg Building,
  • Ngatawa Girls Gymnasium Marton,
  • New Zealand Joint Forces Command Centre Trentham,
  • Ohakea Airforce Base,
  • Ohakune Information Centre
  • Ohakune Library,
  • Oriental Bay Vista’s,
  • Palmerston North Boy's High,
  • Papamoa Library,
  • Park Road Productions,
  • Palmerston North Police Station,
  • Price Waterhouse Cooper Building (4000 Fittings)
  • Presbyterian Support, House
  • Puki Ariki Museum New Plymouth,
  • Robert Street Apartments Taupo,
  • Rotorua Youth Prison,
  • Rotorua Lakes Hospital,
  • Royal Sun Alliance Auckland (4000 Fittings),
  • RNZAF Ohakea Barracks,
  • RNZAF Ohakea PBAX,
  • RNZAF Ohakea Gaurd House,
  • 60 Victoria Street Wellington,
  • Statistics Building Wellington.
  • Spotswood College,
  • Sprott House Wellington,
  • St Pauls Wanganui,  
  • St Marys Wellington,
  • Taihape District School,
  • Telstra-Clear Stadium Manukau,
  • Tower Insurance Building Wellington,
  • Turtle Pool Turangi,
  • Victoria University Cotton Building,
  • Victoria University,
  • Easterfeild Building Victoria University,
  • Hunter Building Victoria University,
  • LABI Building Victoria University,
  • McClarrin Building Victoria University
  • Memorial Theatre Victoria University
  • New Kirk Building Victoria University
  • Rankin Brown Victoria University Recreation Centre,
  • Victoria University Weir House,
  • Wairau Hospital,
  • Wanganui Girls High School,
  • Wanganui Golf Club,
  • Weltec Petone,
  • Wellington Girls College,
  • Wellington Railway Station,
  • Wellington Workingmans Club,
  • Wellesley School,
  • Westfield 277 Broadway Newmarket,
  • Westfield Chartwell,
  • Westfield Queensgate,
  • Westfield Riccarton,
  • Westpac Stadium Christchurch,
  • Willis Street Central Wellington

MasterMinder Emergency Monitoring and Testing System for Luminaires and EXIT Signs

All public and large buildings require the installation of approved emergency lighting equipment. Moreover Australian and New Zealand Standard AS/NZS2293 stipulates that the equipment be tested regularly, batteries fully discharged, all units maintained in operating condition and a record kept of all tests.

Using advanced computer technology the Famco MasterMinder™ emergency monitoring and testing system performs all of the above functions. Each MasterMinder™ emergency luminaire incorporates state of the art electronics to test, monitor and report on the critical functions of the luminaire. Testing is initiated from a Supervising Control Unit (SCU). Test results and faults are reported back to the Supervising Control Unit (SCU) and computer.

The MasterMinder emergency monitoring and testing system advises the user of the state of the installation continuously (FMM system) or on demand, in MLC systems.

  • Both the MasterMinder™ systems use a very high quality dual rate charging system which prolongs battery life and its function is reported after each test.
  • The test or fault reports indicate the nature of any problems thus obviating unnecessary replacement of parts or units.
  • Eliminates manual discharging which is laborious, costly and often neglected.
  •  The MasterMinder™ facilitates the regular discharge of the batteries thus prolonging their life.
  • Its unique reporting on the battery voltage, both at the beginning and end of each test gives a complete guide to the performance of the rechargeable battery.
  • Unit numbering is done with a handheld infrared programmer after installation.
In summary, the MasterMinder™ positively prolongs the life of the equipment and avoids unnecessary expense, while providing documented evidence that the system is functional.MasterMinder FMMMasterMinder MLC

The MasterMinder™ FMM

The MasterMinder™ FMM emergency monitoring and testing system with communication cabling uses the RS485 BUS communication system utilising a single twisted pair cable offering the following benefits:
  • Simplest cabling installation, no return loop required.
  • Removal or disconnection of a fitting does not effect integrity of the system.
  • System detects and reports line break and location.
  • Fittings can be added or deleted without interrupting the operation of the system.
  • No additional wired devices such as concentrators, repeaters or end of line devices, saving on equipment and installation costs
Supervising Control Units – SCU2
For FMM Systems with built in modem for remote access and printer driver port for connection of a printer.The MasterMinder™ FMM system is controlled and monitored by the Supervising Control Unit (SCU2). The SCU2 monitors the system, program tests, analyse data, and add or delete luminaires. The system is supplied with a complete Windows® based software package and instructions allowing for easy operation of the system, including diagnostics, commissioning, additions, deletions and testing.

The MasterMinder™ MLC (Multiline Carrier)
The MasterMinder™ MLC emergency monitoring and testing system (Patent No. 695314), without communication cabling, in addition to the above benefits, uses normal mains or central system wiring to communicate with individual emergency luminaires. There is consequently a significant saving resulting from the use of existing or new mains wiring. Luminaires can be easily added or removed. The MLC system is designed to be used in buildings wired to Australian Standard AS2293 and with RF noise levels complying with Australian and International Standards.Supervising Control Units – SCU5For MLC Systems with built in modem for remote access.The MasterMinder™ MLC system is controlled and monitored by the Supervising Control Unit (SCU5). The SCU4 monitors the system, program tests, analyse data, and add or delete luminaires. The system is supplied with a complete Windows® based software package and instructions allowing for easy operation of the system, including diagnostics, commissioning, additions, deletions and testing.

Data sheets (Please Click below):

FMX System = Mains communication
FMM System = Data cable communication with fittings
FMC System = Data cable with fittings installed in any order ITU-1 Intelligent Transponder UnitFamco MasterMinder Data Sheet

For any additional information please call 0800 4 FAMCO

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