NiCad BatteriesReplacement Emergency Lighting Batteries

We custom make any size NiCad (Nickel Cadmium), Lithium Ion and NiMh rechargeable emergency light battery cells or packs for overnight delivery.
We use Premium quality high temperature (70°C) batteries.

Our batteries have a higher capacity than most standard brands which allows the light to last longer in emergency situations - greatly aiding prisons and hospitals achieve the required two hours.

We also have replacement NiMH and Famco Lithium which are designed for Famco Emergency lighting Units only.

Famco have a lot of other sizes in stock, C, Sub C, AA, AAA ... etc.

Our batteries come with a 2 year Warranty when tested and discharged regularly.

Replace your FAMCO Emergency light battery packs now.

Product No.
FASB00010BAT 6X3/2D 7.0Ah NiCd-T47R-P2
FASB00020BAT 3XC 2.5Ah NiCd-E27R-PX
FASB00030BAT 4XAF 2.1Ah NiMH-F33R-P1
FASB00040BAT 4XC 2.5Ah NiCd-F26R-PX
FASB00050BAT 4XC 2.5Ah NiCd-E24R-PX
FASB00075BAT 4XD 4.5Ah NiCd-S27R-N1
FASB00160BAT 4XD 4.5Ah NiCd L-F27R-P3
FASB00200BAT 2XD 4.0Ah NiCd-E25R-P2
FASB00220BAT 3XD 4.0Ah NiCd-S35R-N2
FASB00226BAT 3XD 4.0Ah NiCd-E25R-P2
FASB00230BAT 3XD 4.0Ah NiCd-S15M-N2
FASB00240BAT 4XD 4.0Ah NiCd-F27R-P2
FASB00245BAT 4XD 4.0Ah NiCd-E20R-P2
FASB00250BAT 4XD 4.0Ah NiCd-S27R-N2
FASB00255BAT 4XD 4.0Ah NiCd-A43R-N2
FASB00265BAT 4XD 4.0Ah NiCd-E10M-P2
FASB00270BAT 4XD 4.0Ah NiCd-C43R-P2
FASB00280BAT 5XD 4.0Ah NiCd-S34R/S-N2
FASB00285BAT 5XD 4.0Ah NiCd-S14M-P2   (buy NEW FITTING)
FASB00290BAT 6XD 4.0Ah NiCd-F28R-P2
FASB00295BAT 6XD 4.0Ah NiCd-S33R-N2
FASB00300BAT 6XD 4.0Ah NiCd-E45R-P2
FASB00315BAT 5XC 2.5Ah NiCd-S10M-P2
FASB00325BAT 6XD 4.0Ah NiCd-F30R-P2

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