F9912LVR-RS Flexit Vandal EXIT

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F9912LVR-RS Flexit Vandal EXIT
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The Flexit tamper resistant EXIT luminaire is designed specifically for institutions where there is a concern inmates or patients may do harm to themselves or others.  

Maximum viewing distance is 24M

F9912LVR-RS Flexit Vandal EXIT


  • Tamper resistant snake eye screw
  • Thin flexible, featherweight diffuser resists breaking, tearing or cracking and is virtually harmless instrument if dislodged
  • Thick 6mm polycarbonate panel between metal flange and lamp prevents entry to fitting in the unlikely event that the diffuser is dislodged
  • Easy installation - fast fit bracket & connector
  • LED 3 Watt
  • Generous terminal connectors
  • Lithium Ion Batteries
  • 2 Hour Plus Battery Mode

Available Options:

  • F9912LV/RM/*- LI Recessed mount
  • F9912LV/SM/* -LI Surface mount
  • F9912LV/SS/* -LI Single sided 
  • F9912LV/DS/*-LI Double sided

Click below for PDF Datasheet:

*Specify Running Man or Exit decals.

Running Man Decals

Also available compatable with our Monitored emegency lighting system, The FAMCO MasterMinder. Please prefix the Famco product code with "FMX" when specifing or Ordering.

Any additional informated required please phone 0800 4 FAMCO

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