F9940-RS Utility EXIT

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F9940-RS Utility EXIT
Utility Surface Mounted Single Sided LED Exit or Runningman
Utility Surface Mounted Single Sided LED Exit or RunningmanUtility MeasurementsUtilityBreakdown

Famco Utility LED emergency exit signs provide a cost efficient solution for emergency exit sign applications. The robust design allows the installation of new fittings as well as the upgrade of existing fittings.

Maximum Viewing Distance 24M.


FAMCO Utility LED Emergency EXIT signs provide a cost efficient solution. The robust design allows for the easy installation of new fittings or the upgrade of old fitting commonly using this same body.

Maintained operation with long life LED. This light source uses the  latest replaceable LED strip technology. MasterMinder Emergency Monitoring and testing system compatible.


  • Economy sign suitable for a wide range of Emergency options
  • Long life LED light source using latest replaceable LED strip technology
  • Maintained operation
  • Dual rate charging for maximum life of high temperature NiCd batteries
  • 3-watt maximum consumption (2.2 watts on Low rate charge)
  • 2 Hour Plus Battery Mode
  • Wall Mount Difusser 
  • Detachable geartray for quicker installation and removal
  • HUGE Terminals 
  • Standard or Masterminder versions
  • Fully Complies with AS/NZ2293.3

Available Options:

  • F9940/E
  • Famco Single Sided Wall Mounted EXIT
  • F9940/RS Famco Single Sided Running man
  • FX9940/RS Famco Monitored Single sided Running man
  • FX9940/E Famco Monitored Single Side EXIT
  • FX9940/RS-230VAC Famco Monitored
  • UPS Running Man

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  • *Specify Running Man or Exit decals

For any additional information please call 0800 4 FAMCO

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