F9993/SM/LI D50

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F9993/SM/LI D50
F9993/SM/LI  D50
F9993/SM/LI  D50F9993/SM/LI  D50F9993/SM/LI  D50
Manufactured to FAMCO’s highest standards our LED Goldstars are a cost effective solution to AS/NZS2293 standards. The long life LED lamps provide improved reliability resulting in reduced maintenance costs. Commonly used on concrete ceilings in stairwells, schools, theatres, gymnasium

Surface Mounted Goldstar F9993/SMS/LI

New Lithium Self contained non-maintained LED emergency luminaire Designed for either accessible or inaccessible ceilings with concealed mounting clip fixing. We are able to custom powdercoat these to any standard colour.

F9993-SM-LI D50 Rated
F9993-SM-BK-LI D50 Rated


  • Suitable for all emergency lighting applications. 
  • Energy efficient: less than 1W energy consumption in stand by mode. 
  • F9993/LI comes with 3 trim sizes: Small, Medium and Large 
  • One high Brightness LED. 
  • T-sense™ temperature sensing technology for Li-ion battery. 
  • Easy to install spring clips
  • Available in black or white finish
  • Standalone or MasterMinder emergency monitored option
  • Manufactured in Australia
  • 5 year battery warranty

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Also available compatible with our FAMCO Monitored emergency lighting system, The FAMCO MasterMinder. Please prefix the FAMCO product code with "FMX" when specifying or ordering.

For any additional information please phone 0800 4 FAMCO.

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