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The F9966LMD is ideal for Indoor, Outdoor, Concrete Ceilings, Surface mounted, Exterior walls, Under Eves, Shipping Containers, Temporary Emergency Lighting, Above Doors and over Ramps an Stairs at a change of Level

F9966LMD Emergency Bulkhead IP65

The F9966LMD is a very popular fitting in stairwells and Exterior applications where there is a change of level.

Features :

  • 3W LED 165 Lumens
  • IP65 Weatherproof
  • Maintained - Non-Maintained Emergency 
  • 3 hours of light in Emergency Mode
  • F9966LMD Maintained Switchable or can be run non-maintained
  • New LiFePo4 Lithium Batteries
  • Robust impact resistant Polycarbonate Body and Clear Prismatic Diffuser
  • Screwless Hinged Geartray or easy installation
  • Comes complete with Runningman Decal with optional Arrow which can be positioned up, down, left or right. 
  • Cages available F9966-Galv-Cage or F9966-White-Cage
  • 345mm L x 120mm W x 75mm H
  • 3 Year Warranty


Click below for PDF datasheet:

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