F9993/LI D50

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F9993/LI D50
F9993/LI  D50
F9993/LI  D50F9993/LI  D50F9993/LI  D50F9993/LI  D50

Technical Infomation

  • 247.5 Lumens
  • Nominal Input Voltage: 230-240 V a.c. 50 Hz 
  • Operating Voltage: 2 W 
  • Battery: Li-ion 6.4 V 3.0 Ah 
  • Light Source Life (LSL): 100,000 hours 
  • IP Rating: IP20 (With Clear Cover IP44)
  • Operating temperature: 10°C to 40°C 
  • Body Construction: Polycarbonate 
  • Compliance: AS/NZS 2293, AS/NZS 60598
  • Operating Mode: Maintained

Type Diameter (X*) 

  • No trim 56 mm Hole Size 52mm
  • Small Ring 80 mm Hole Size 52-60mm
  • Medium Ring 120 mm Hole Size 52-85mm
  • Med Square 120mm x 120mm Hole Size 85 mm x 85mm

Goldstar LED D50

 A complete range of non-maintained Emergency luminaires for commercial applications 


  • Recessed design with choice of round or square fascia included
  • Suitable for all emergency lighting applications. 
  • Energy efficient: less than 1W energy consumption in stand by mode. 
  • F9993/LI comes with 3 trim sizes: Small, Medium and Large 
  • One high Brightness LED. 
  • T-sense™ temperature sensing technology for Li-ion battery. 
  • Easy to install spring clips
  • Available in black or white finish
  • Standalone or MasterMinder emergency monitored option
  • Surface Mounted version available (Black or White)
  • Manufactured in Australia
  • 5 year battery warranty


F9993/LI   LED Goldstar Flex and Plug White Lithium  IES    Datasheet

F9993/BL/LI   LED Goldstar Flex and Plug BlackLithium  IES


FX9993/LI   LED Goldstar Flex and Plug White Lithium  IES

FX9993/BL/LI   LED Goldstar Flex and Plug Black Lithium  IES

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